Causes of hair loss

Hair loss is one of the common problems that many people suffer from. The reasons behind this precipitation vary between healthy and dangerous. Here are the most common of these reasons:

  1. Telogen effluvium:

Or what is known as hair loss as a result of stress and stress, whether emotional or physical, and this type can be treated through a biotin vitamin capsule, It is a type of vitamin B. It can help improve hair health and support its growth

  • Certain hair styling methods:

As there are certain types of haircuts that may cause injury, tightness, breakage, and sometimes inflammation and scarring, Like a tight bun hairstyle or ponytail, etc., So it is necessary to style the hair in comfortable ways.

  • malnutrition:

When a person does not get enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals, this leads to hair loss, and it is more common in the case of a deficiency of any protein, iron or zinc. This condition can be treated by replacing vitamins and minerals necessary for hair health and growth, such as marathon pills and biotin capsules

  • Hereditary hair loss:

It is a very common condition that affects men more than women, and hair loss begins in the post-puberty age. It can be treated with a topical treatment such as peroxidil, which contains minoxidil, which is known globally for its effectiveness in reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth and making it more dense.

hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment often depends on the type and cause of hair loss. The doctor will determine the appropriate treatment based on that.

In cases caused by medications or treatable disease conditions, Treatment for hair loss may include taking nutritional supplements for the vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

As for the treatment of male pattern baldness, Hormonal and genetic alopecia in men can be treated by one of the following:






Laser hair loss treatment.

Plasma injection: Platelet-Rich Plasma).

hair plant.

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