Mexican Pepper for weight loss



Helps use body fat deposits and create a more efficient energy source
It works to give a sense of satiety and burn fat in a healthy and completely safe way
It reduces the amount of calories you receive daily
– Increases daily energy
The powerful fat-burning feature of the Mexican red pepper it contains
Provides an average of 12% of fat burning during the month based on your metabolic rate
– Stimulates fat burning in long-term activities
Cellulite removal
Skin elasticity
– The freshness of the skin
Strengthens hair and restores its vitality thanks to the presence of calcium, magnesium and zinc in it


Mexican red pepper
Vitamin B1
vitamin c
green tea (leaf)
Grapefruit powder
bubble algae (fucus)

How to use:
One capsule to be taken daily during the morning, half an hour before breakfast or lunch
With drinking a large amount of water at intervals during the day

1- Patients with pressure, heart, liver, diabetes and gastritis
2- Those who take antidepressants
3- Pregnant and breastfeeding women



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