juniper cream for psoriasis


Juniper tar cream “for psoriasis and eczema”

Juniper tar treats psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, as it is used to treat itching and flaking in the skin by getting rid of dead cells and slowing the growth of new skin cells, which reduces dryness and flaking.

the components:
olive oil
Saints’ herb extract
Nigella sativa oil
Juniper tar extract
wild thyme oil

How to use:
For external use only
Use twice daily
A thin layer is placed on the desired area and gently applied in the form of a light massage

Tar can, in rare cases, cause skin irritation for some people, and if this occurs, you should stop using the product and go to the doctor.
– keep away from the reach of the children
– Avoid getting the product in the eyes, and in case of contact, rinse with water.
– Store at room temperature.

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