Lice and nits shampoo


Mederol shampoo for lice and nits

Permethrin is a semi-synthetic pyrethroid obtained from natural pyrethrins and has a broad spectrum as a parasite killer and thus successfully eliminates head lice and its eggs (nits).
Permethrin is a low-toxic substance that is poorly absorbed by the skin.

Active ingredients:
1% permethrin
2% anise extract

the use:
– It is used for children and adults
– Shake the container well before use
Apply a sufficient amount of shampoo to dry hair and rub it well on the scalp and hair roots for 10 minutes. Then moisten the hair with warm water and rub it to create a thick foam. Then wash it completely with water.
– Repeat the previous process again, then wash with water and comb the hair with a soft comb from the roots to the ends to remove dead lice and eggs.

– Intended for external use only
– keep away from the reach of the children
– Store at a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius
– It is not used for children under two months of age


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