Tanıum Rex cream


Tanium Rex for rapid relief of joint and tendon pain

Tanium Rex is used to relieve symptoms of joint, tendon and muscle pain and also contributes to improving peripheral perfusion of the affected area.
*Alleviates joint and muscle pain
*Adjunctive treatment in cases of pain relief from joint degeneration and rheumatism
*Relieve back and vertebrae pain

Active ingredients:
Eucalyptus oil 5% stimulates blood circulation and increases blood supply to the affected area
Menthol 3% gives a cooling sensation followed by a pain-relieving effect
Methyl salicylate 7% is a topical pain reliever
In addition to many natural oils that contribute to alleviating inflammatory conditions

How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount of Tanium Rex cream to the affected area and massage gently until completely absorbed.
– Use 2-3 times daily or as needed
– A compression bandage can be used over the cream when needed

– Intended for external use only
– Avoid contact with eyes
– Do not use on open skin
– Store in a dry and moderate place
– keep away from the reach of the children

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