sensitive areas whitening cream


Whitening sensitive areas cream and soap set

Intimate Bleaching Cream has been formulated to help improve the appearance of discolored areas in both sensitive and intimate areas such as the outer skin of the vagina, penis and anal area, as well as other sensitive areas such as: nipples and dark spots under the armpits.
Cam Soft Cream has been formulated to include the latest natural bleaches to improve and whiten dark spots on the skin such as pea extract, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, licorice extract, vitamin B3, vitamin C and lemon extract.

How to use:

The area should be cleaned with soap and water, then gently peeled off using a sponge. This helps remove any dead skin on the surface and allows the product to come into contact with the area to be lightened.
Wash the area and let it dry
Apply a thin layer of Gam Soft Cream to the place to be bleached. Allow the product to dry completely before getting dressed or applying other products.
Repeat the process twice a day


– For external use only
– Avoid contact with eyes
– keep away from the reach of the children
– Store in a cool dry place


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