teron skin whitening soap


Theron soap for skin lightening contains an extract of a group of natural oils such as turmeric oil and powder, flax oil and powder, aloe vera oil, sesame oil, cucumber oil.

It states the following:

Lightening and unifying skin tone and getting rid of dark spots and dark circles around the eyes.
Giving the skin radiance and freshness; Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.
It can help heal wounds by reducing inflammation.
It can treat psoriasis; Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.
It can contribute to reducing the appearance of acne; This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties, which contribute to calming the skin, and closing the pores.
Reduce skin sensitivity.
Contribute to delaying the appearance of wrinkles.
Rid the skin of superficial crusts in cases of dehydration.

Usage tips:

Suitable for all skin types
It has no side effects for sensitive skin
Chemical free

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